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Frost & Snow: The Science Behind the Beauty

Even though winter here in the Adirondacks means chilly temperatures and sometimes unpleasant weather conditions, there are some parts of the hats-and-mittens season that makes it all worth it. There is a certain beauty to winter that only the frozen landscape can provide, and nothing is quite as amazing as finding a snowflake that is […]

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Oak Mountain Happenings this February

When February rolls around, it’s easy to get bogged down by the mid-winter blues. Even living here in the beautiful Adirondacks where there is much to do even during the coldest months, the chilly temperatures and grey skies can be a downer. Luckily, Oak Mountain ski resort in Speculator has plenty of February events planned […]

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It’s All About that Jay – Facts about the Blue Jay

Bright blue and spritely, the Blue Jay is a bird that graces our Adirondack landscape year-round, making its home mainly in deciduous, acorn-laden forest areas. Sometimes considered pesky because of their noisy calls and their alleged robbery of eggs and nestlings, not everyone finds the Blue Jay to be the beautiful bird it is. What […]

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Tips for Winter Stargazing in the Adirondacks

The dark winter nights that are descending on the Adirondacks might leave us longing for the summer months, but this year, why not take up a new hobby that might just help you enjoy the darker days ahead? Stargazing is a fun, relaxing hobby for the whole family, and the Adirondacks are a great place […]

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Pick the Perfect Pumpkin for Your Fall Celebrations

Nothing says fall quite like that brilliant orange orb of color that graces many a front stoop come autumn – the darling of October, the pumpkin. The pumpkin has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts over the past few years, with many popular beverage chains offering pumpkin spice coffees and lattes, as well as baked goods […]

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An Adirondack Train Ride That’s Bound to be Beautiful

If you’re someone who loves to look at fall foliage, you already know there’s no better place to leaf peep than in the Adirondacks. You probably have loaded the kids in the family truckster on more than one occasion into the Adirondacks to look at – and snap some photos of – all the wonderful […]

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Baltimore Orioles Brighten Up the Adirondacks

If you’ve ever seen the bright flash of a Baltimore Oriole as it flits its way around the forest edge, then you know there isn’t anything quite as lovely as the stark contrast of this brilliant orange bird against the deep green deciduous tree line. The song of the Baltimore Oriole is as lovely as […]

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In the Adirondacks, Our Lake Monster is a Champ!

Nestled between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont is Lake Champlain, a large lake that runs 120 miles north to south and features nearly 600 miles of beautiful shoreline. Lake Champlain is a natural, freshwater lake named for the French explorer, Samuel de Champlain. Known for its serenity and […]

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Bella Luna! Learn About Moths and Butterflies of the Adirondacks.

June is here, and that means it’s time for the arrival of lots of different insects in the Adirondacks. We know about those pesky black flies and biting midges that plague us during the late spring and early summer weeks, but what about the more beautiful (and less invasive) insects of the Adirondacks? At the […]

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Planning a Graduation Party Made Simple

Is there a special high school senior in your life who will be graduating from high school this month? If so, then you’re probably in the midst of planning a graduation party. Maybe you’ve already got everything figured out, from the invitations and decorations to the menu, but if you’re like so many busy people, […]

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